Here’s how to stop Pokémon Go from destroying your phone’s battery, and walking with your phone upside down

Chances are, if you have a smartphone, you have recently joined the quest to catch them all.

Pokémon Go, the mobile game licensed by Nintendo, has taken much of Europe and North America by storm, causing accidents, server failures, stampedes, and a few muggings as millions vie to capture as many pocket monsters as they can. But one of the (many) technological issues with the game is that it’s a massive battery hog. Unless you’ve purchased multiple external battery packs for your smartphone, it’s going to be difficult to become the best.

PokeHunters has compiled a few tips that will help cut down on the amount of juice that Pokémon Go sucks down as you head out on the prowl for rare Pokémon:

Deselect the top two, select the third.(Screenshot)

Turn on battery saver in the app

It’s not entirely clear how much power the in-app battery saver saves, but it’s worth turning on nonetheless. Tap on the Pokéball at the bottom of the game’s main screen, then tap on the settings gear at the top right. The “Battery Saver” option is about halfway down.

Turn on battery saver on your phone

If your phone offers a battery-saving function, such as the iPhone’s Low Power mode, turn it on. It’ll disable some background processes on your phone that you’re not using on your Poké-quest anyway, such as getting new emails, or refresh other apps running in the background.

Turn off music and sound effects

Also found in the settings menu of the Pokémon Go app: Turning these two off can potentially alleviate some of the stress the game puts on your phone. Every little bit helps.

Turn off Bluetooth and wifi

If you’re outside and not using wifi, and have no accessories connected to your phone over Bluetooth, turn them both off. A phone will use up power when it is periodically searching for wifi signals, so if you’re not using it, no need to waste that juice.

Top right of the screen: Switch that AR toggle to off.

Turn off AR

It might not be as fun to play, but when you’re trying to catch a Pokémon or battle at a gym, turn off the augmented reality feature, as this is a big power drain. When you’re engaging with a Pokémon or at a gym, there’s a little switch on the right-hand side of the screen to toggle AR on or off.

Turn down your phone screen’s brightness

The biggest drain on any smartphone’s battery is its bright screen. Turn the brightness on your screen all the way down to conserve power.

Walk with your phone upside down

This one is a bit odd. If you turn your phone upside down with the app open, the screen will go dark, apart from a faint Pokémon Go logo. The game will still count your steps as you try to hatch eggs, and alert you with vibrations if any Pokémon spring up as you walk, but the screen won’t be eating up your dwindling battery


Pokemon GO: Spawn Point Data, Encounter Rates, And More Revealed From Data Mining


A gift from a Pokemon GO tracking app developer to the /r/pokemongodev community has yielded some very interesting and insightful results. After analyzing data from 500 000 Pokemon encounters,  400 000 Poke Stops and 57 000 gyms from USA, Canada, and parts of Europe, there people over at Pokemongohub have managed to shed some light behind some of the mysteries of Pokemon GO:


Pokemon spawn time was one of the first areas these diligent analysts delved into and found some surprising results. From the report, you can see that the spawn and encounter is more or less uniform throughout the day with the “peak” Pokemon encounter time at around 21:00. Since the database sources local times with no time zone constraints the results suggest that Pokemon spawn times are the same across the globe so regardless of where you are these results are applicable.

When analyzing the number of Pokemon encounters by minute of an hour, the data suggests that overall more Pokemon spawn in the final minutes of each hour. There are also strange down times in the number of encounters as seen in the graph below with large drops at the time such as the 25, 30, and 40 minute marks of any given hour. What you can take away from this graph is that if you want the best chance of running into a large number of Pokemon you should focus your hunting in the final minutes of an hour.

Average Spawn Point Frequency

Spawn point frequency data has also revealed some eye opening results on the average number of Pokemon generated at each spawn:

The data reveals that 93% of all spawn points are considered to be low yield spawns (1 – 5 Pokemon). This is the most common type of spawn point. Next up, in terms of percentage of overall spawns are the “high yield” spawns that make up 4% of all spawns. Theses locations typically will generate on average 4 – 10 Pokemon in the tracked period. The report states that 2% of all spawn points are considered as clustered spawns that will yield 10 – 30 Pokemon spawns. The rarest spawn of all as you might has guess are the “high yield clustered spawns” and Nests that comprise the final 1% of all spawns.

Encounters By Species

Unsurprisingly the results of the tracked data correlate with the spawn rates that were datamined by diligent redditors in the Pokemon GO community this summer. The results show that Pidgey, Ratata, Zubat, Caterpie, and Drowzee are the most commonly encountered Pokemon, but the data shows that Eevee which may feel elusive at times is actually one of the highest encountered Pokemon species as well!

With the release of the Buddy System a new Pokemon GO easter egg has also been added click here to find out more!

Pokemon Go Philippines BUDDY Update is OUT!! Download now! How to get started with Pokemon Go’s latest feature: Buddy Pokemon.


Download the new update now!

Apple Users – Here
Android – Here

Now all the users who play Pokemon Go Philippines can now have there own buddy!

The latest patch for Pokemon Go brings a significant all-new feature to the game: Buddy Pokemon, the ability to set a particular Pokemon as your friend that’ll hang out with you on the menu screen and earn extra goodies as you walk around.

Think of this as being a little like how the anime series’ Ash Ketchum has a lot of Pokemon, but Pikachu is his buddy – now you can be like Ash. Nice.

Buddy Pokemon sadly don’t appear on the map, but they will appear on your profile page. More importantly, your buddy brings certain benefits, and will of particular note deliver to you candies that can then be spent on upgrades. Considering how difficult candy can be to come by this is a great way to earn candy for more rare species of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go: How to Choose (and change) your Buddy Pokemon

Your Pokemon Buddy choice shouldn’t just be based on who your favourite Pokemon is, but should also be based at least a little on utility. You’ll receive candy for the breed of Pokemon of your buddy just by walking around, so you’ll want to pick a Pokemon of a type that you’re keen to evolve or power up and thus in need of more candy for. This is great for rarer Pokemon – your Dratinis, Charmanders, Bulbasars, Squirtles and the like.

Don’t panic too much about your initial choice: You can easily change your buddy later on with a few button presses. Keep in mind that if you change your buddy you’ll lose all progress towards the next candy on your existing buddy, so the best time to change buddy is right after being rewarded the first time around. Switch buddy as often as you need in order to ensure you’re always getting useful candy.

Once you’ve got the update installed, a new option will be quietly added to one of the menus in the game. To reach the new option, Hit the picture of your trainer in the lower left corner of the screen. Then tap the menu button in the lower right corner. Tap the Buddy menu option, which has been added between Journal and Customize. Choose your buddy. Simple!

If you find the menu option to select buddy is missing, you don’t yet have the update. Head to your format’s app store to grab the update, and if it’s not available there sit tight for a day or so – the update is rolling out this week and is already live for some.


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Pokemon Go: Earning Candy via the Pokemon Buddy System

Once you’ve got your buddy set, this Pokemon will start earning candy for you as you walk. This mechanic works much the same as Pokemon eggs: walk around and the game will reward candy after a certain amount of distance travelled.

There’s a catch to all this: Different Pokemon have different walking needs. A Metapod, for instance, only requires you to walk 1km in order to receive a candy. A Charmander meanwhile requires you to walk 3km while a Lapras requires you to walk 5km. All of this will be very familiar to Pokemon egg farmers. If you want the full lowdown on the distances for each Pokemon, we’ve got those printed in length on a separate page.

As with everything in Pokemon Go, there are hidden statistics under the hood that mean some buddies will be quicker to level up than others via walking and then spending their candy, so keep that in mind.

Tap the Buddy option at any time as described above to check how far along you are to your next piece of candy. As mentioned earlier, switching buddy midway through a walking milestone will reset that milestone, losing progress towards your next candy.

As with eggs, you’ll need to keep the game screen open on your phone when walking in order to reap the benefits. When you’ve walked enough to gain a candy, the game will alert you much as it does with Pokemon eggs.

Where To Catch Ditto In Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO Philippines has become a worldwide phenomenon. Fans from across the globe take on a journey to becoming the very best, looking for ways to catch Pokemon. Speaking of the latter, Ditto is deemed a hard one to capture. Heck, its location even remains a mystery. But hey, we actually have a concrete knowledge about its whereabouts. Want to know? Better continue reading.

According to Otakukart, the first ever Ditto was caught by a Pokemon GO player named Cash. And since most players would think that it was all a cheat (or a trick in a sense), his journey was both recorded and uploaded as video via YouTube. For those who are not convinced, they can check it here.

Cash’s Pokemon GO journey towards Ditto started when he was walking around with his girlfriend, trying to hatch an egg. Eventually, an invisible creature spawned from the egg, which he added to his Pokedex. Only then did he realize that it actually was the titular Pokemon called Ditto. Of course, he started to freak out.

Obviously, Cash must have been very proud of his new Pokemon GO creature. He even tried to take it to a gym battle, but was only disappointed. Ditto tends to be invisible when in the gym, confirming the theory that he is yet to be allowed in such locations.

Now that Ditto is confirmed to be part of Pokemon Go, the next puzzle to be solved is its transformation. This creature is known to take the forms of other creatures. But of course, as of this writing, it seems a hard feat to do — though it’s not really impossible for Niantic to introduce it in the future.

What are your thoughts on Ditto being finally captured in Pokemon GO? Do you also believe it’s going to introduce some sort of transformations in the future? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

Pokémon Go update: now Pikachu can tag along for the walk

Update prepares for Pokémon Go Plus pedometer accessory and adds another way to earn candy – but stops just short of being a virtual pet


Ever wanted to take a walk with your favourite Charmander, Jigglypuff or Pikachu? Pokémon Go’s latest update will allow trainers to take their virtual pets out on the road as they play.

The Buddy Pokémon option, unveiled by developer Niantic, is the first major addition to the game that became a global phenomenon in its first months of release. It allows players to select one particular monster to metaphorically walk alongside them as they explore the real world and in doing so, earn evolution candy for each step taken.

Niantic said picking your favourite Pokémon to become your buddy would open up unique in-game rewards and experiences. “Buddy Pokémon will appear alongside your trainer avatar on your profile screen, adding helpful bonuses such as awarding candy for walking together. You’ll also have the ability to change your buddy Pokémon at any time.”

The only indication that your Pikachu is your best buddy is that it’ll be displayed on your trainer’s avatar page. Your chosen buddy isn’t visible on the in-game map, which will disappoint fans seeing that this is a way to turn Pokémon further into virtual pets.

The update also blocks the use of so-called “rooted” Android devices, in an effort to stop cheating, and adds support for the Pokémon Go Plus accessory: a clip-on pedometer that counts steps and alerts users when Pokémon are nearby without the player having to have their smartphone open and active.

Following Niantic chief executive John Hanke’s announcement that Pokémon Go is going to work on the Apple Watch from the stage during Apple’s iPhone 7, some experts have wondered what the point of the Pokémon Go Plus accessory is. Part of the code of the latest Android app could also suggest that a similar app to that in development for the Apple Watch may also come to Android Wear smartwatches, according to fansite Go Hub.

With walking a fundamental part of the game, crucial to hatching eggs and discovering new Pokémon, Hanke said that Pokémon Go players had walked a total of 4.6bn kilometres. The game had been downloaded over 100m times by the end of July, according to app analytics firm App Annie.

Pokemon Go Just Announced A Major Change With Earning Candy, Get The Details

Niantic Labs just introduced a major change in the way you can earn candy in Pokemon Go. The change comes in the form of the Buddy System. It’s designed to allow players to bring a Pokemon out and travel alongside them.


Over on the official Pokemon Go website, Niantic Labs discussed some of the new updates for the mobile app, Pokemon Go. The new Buddy System should prove to be very useful for many gamers, as it allows them to bring out a Pokemon from their collection it will show up next to the trainer.


The new Buddy update isn’t just for looks, though. While it can give your trainer a cool bit of camaraderie between them and the Pokemon, the Buddy System serves another purpose as well. Players will be able to earn that Pokemon’s candy as they walk along with your trainer while you’re out and about. This basically means that so long as you have a Pokemon as a buddy, you’ll be able to earn rewards just for walking around. That’s right… you’ll be rewarded for walking.


You can swap out your buddy at any time, so you can earn candy for any of your Pokemon, making it easier to train some of the rarer breeds in Pokemon Go. There are no restrictions on which Pokemon you decide to take with you while you travel- so if you have just one Scyther or Abra, you’ll still be able to level them up and evolve them.

The new Buddy System and the ability to earn rewards like candy while you travel around come shortly on the heels of Niantic Labs introducing the new Pokemon Appraisal system. Being able to appraise rival Pokemon enabled Pokemon Go players to pick out and see how dangerous or tough some of their Pokemon are, since their stats are not visible from the app.


The rest of Niantic’s efforts seem to center around bug fixes and fighting bots. The company has been in a whirlwind of a fight against botters and third-party app makers who have all tried to get in on the Pokemon Go craze. The interesting thing about it is that some of these third-party app makers have actually been trying to help, especially in regards to the broken tracking system that Niantic has been terribly slow at fixing.

The third-party trackers helped make the game fun again for a lot of players, but Niantic cracked down on them and many of the trackers had to close up shop. For some people still using the trackers, they were hit in a series of ban waves to weed out cheaters and hackers in Pokemon Go. Niantic recently had to go through and begin to unban some players who were wrongly caught in the process.


There’s a constant back and forth battle between botters, hackers, cheaters and Niantic, as everyone is attempting to stay ahead of the curve. At least this latest update is more benign and focuses on putting the fun back into Pokemon Go instead of the drudgery of dealing with bots and exploits.


Niantic isn’t done with the game, though. The Buddy System is just one of many new features they have planned for Pokemon Go.

Breaking News – Niantic is reversing bans for some Pokémon Go users

Pokémon Go developer Niantic is reversing some permanent account bans it mistakenly issued over the last few weeks, the company announced today in a blog post. Niantic CEO John Hanke says his team began issuing bans based on whether players were using tools that broke the company’s terms of service. In some cases, this involved third-party mapping tools designed to show you where pokémon were located, like the popular but now defunct PokéVision. Niantic first began cutting off access to those apps earlier this month, and it started aggressively issuing permanent account bans about two weeks ago.

In some cases, lesser known mapping tools also collected data on users and sent it to Niantic’s servers, something that Hanke says resembled a distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attack. Because these data transfers appeared malicious at first glance, Niantic acted somewhat indiscriminately when it came to protecting its servers. “Because of this we have had to ban some accounts associated with using these add-on map tools, leading to confusion by some users about why they were banned,” Hanke writes. “This is a small subset of the accounts banned.”



Now, Niantic is going through the accounts it banned to reinstate those players who weren’t knowingly violating the TOS. “Add-on maps which scrape data from our servers still violate our terms of service and use of them may still result in an account ban going forward,” Hanke clarifies. He also says that accounts that were created to scrape data from the game or those that used GPS spoofing techniques to play in other areas around the world will remain permanently banned. “Our main priority is to provide a fair, fun, and legitimate experience for all players,” he concludes, “so aggressive banning will continue to occur for players who engage in these kinds of activities.”