Where To Catch Ditto In Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO Philippines has become a worldwide phenomenon. Fans from across the globe take on a journey to becoming the very best, looking for ways to catch Pokemon. Speaking of the latter, Ditto is deemed a hard one to capture. Heck, its location even remains a mystery. But hey, we actually have a concrete knowledge about its whereabouts. Want to know? Better continue reading.

According to Otakukart, the first ever Ditto was caught by a Pokemon GO player named Cash. And since most players would think that it was all a cheat (or a trick in a sense), his journey was both recorded and uploaded as video via YouTube. For those who are not convinced, they can check it here.

Cash’s Pokemon GO journey towards Ditto started when he was walking around with his girlfriend, trying to hatch an egg. Eventually, an invisible creature spawned from the egg, which he added to his Pokedex. Only then did he realize that it actually was the titular Pokemon called Ditto. Of course, he started to freak out.

Obviously, Cash must have been very proud of his new Pokemon GO creature. He even tried to take it to a gym battle, but was only disappointed. Ditto tends to be invisible when in the gym, confirming the theory that he is yet to be allowed in such locations.

Now that Ditto is confirmed to be part of Pokemon Go, the next puzzle to be solved is its transformation. This creature is known to take the forms of other creatures. But of course, as of this writing, it seems a hard feat to do — though it’s not really impossible for Niantic to introduce it in the future.

What are your thoughts on Ditto being finally captured in Pokemon GO? Do you also believe it’s going to introduce some sort of transformations in the future? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!


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