Niantic Plans To Develop Contact Lenses Exclusive For Pokemon Go Players – Pokemon Go Philippines


In a lengthy interview at GamesBeat 2016, Niantic CEO, John Hanke talked about the future developments for Pokemon Go. While being interviewed by the reporter, John Hanke mentioned that contact lenses exclusive for Pokemon Go players are possible. These contact lenses will allow trainers to fully immerse themselves in the Pokemon world.

John Hanke Plans To Develop Contact Lenses

Pokemon Go rapidly grows right after their release especially now that it was also launched in 15 more countries. With the positive feedback from the community, Hanke noted that Pokemon franchise translates to the real world since it requires catching different Pokemon that are located in different locations.

He emphasized that augmented reality model is perfect for Pokemon Go. With this, Niantic assumed those trainers would connect while catching Pokemon in the environment where they are accustomed to.

Catching Pikachu In Real Life

John Hanke, the CEO, has been the chief spokesperson for the game so far. It looks like Hanke is the type of man who listens to users if they want more features for the game in the future.

This plans of developing the contact lenses for Pokemon Go seems to be far from idea. But if the contact lenses are already under development, trainers don’t even need to hold their phones to catch a Pokemon. They could do all the catching while walking down the street safely.


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